Gordon Kennedy's 90th!
5th September 2020

We were recently contacted by Gordon Kennedy's son, Ian Kennedy, telling us of his father's upcoming 90th birthday. Gordon and his late wife,...

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Reserve List

This is the reserve list of riders for Sunday 12th May 2019 Bec Road Race

Last updated - 11/05/2019 15:00

The race is currently full (see rider list) however there are always a few places available on the day. Often as organiser, riders are kind enough to notify me in the days before hand of injuries or work commitments that mean they can't attend. Sometimes I will know how many places will be available, sometimes not. In my experience normally 5-10 riders get to enter EOL places.

At 10:40 the signing on desk will allow reserve list riders to take up places where riders haven't signed in. These reserve places will be allocated to those at the signing on desk at this time in the following order (below). Riders will be given numbers 81+ Entry fee is 25 cash.


1 -  jacques sauvagnargues - Team Wiggins

2 - Thomas Willan - Pro Cycle Hire

3 - Colin Peck

4 - James Moss - Nuun Sigma Sport RT

5 - David - 5th Floor cycle club

6 - Leighton Dalley

7  - Alex Ashman


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Gordon Kennedy's 90th!
5th September 2020

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