Bec Cycling Club
BEC Cycling Club


We're always looking out for new club members and would love to hear from you via the 'Contact Us' page if you're thinking of coming along to one of our club runs or want further information about the club. As you can see from the annual club fees below, membership fees are very reasonable.

Honoury £0
Family Membership £30
Seniors Membership £25
Junior (Under 18) £15
Juveniles (Under 16) £15
2nd Claim £25
Social /Associate Member £5

Fees to be paid direct to the club secretary.

Rory Townsend - Wiv Sungod Wins 2022 Bec Road Race
8th May 2022

Bec RR - Results

Congratulations to Rory Townsend (Wiv Sungod) who won todays Bec road race in convincing style. Having remained at the front throughout,...

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