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Jack Pullar wins Hill Climb - Again!

13th October 2013

Jack Pullar wins Hill Climb - Again!

Hi All,
Here are the Overall RESULTS, Category RESULTS, and Team RESULTS for todays swimming gala :)

Many congrats to all that survived, especially the rider who proved that cyclist do have a sense of humour by racing up the hill with inflatable armbands, a swimming cap & googles… You brought a smile to many on a very grey & wet day… VIDEO of Top 3.

Congratulations to all of the Category Winners & placed riders, all great rides considering the conditions,  fantastic efforts.. 

Jack Pullars winning time of 1.46.1 was one hell of a ride. And I'll stick my neck out and say if the weather had been more favourable he would without a doubt have set another Hill Record…Maybe next year Jack !!

A big thank you goes out to everyone, riders, spectators, helpers, sponsors who have made this event such a success… To those of you that turned out to brave the elements in support of your sport, we at the Bec CC salute you… To those that couldnt make the startline for whatever reason also a big thanks for supporting us in the first place & we hope we might see all of you again next year    12th October, same time, same place….

A special mention goes out to our man on the Mic, Tony Gibb, who this morning was a leading contender for the Captaincy of the England 'puke your heart up' team & arrived at his post this morning looking greyer than a London winters sky… Despite being ill with virus unkown, he still was able to keep everyone informed & entertained with his professionalism & done a great job.. Thanks again mate

Photos will be posted out there from Dave Hayward photography on his own website as well as a couple of the media outlets...

That only leaves me to say, once again Thanks, hope you enjoyed it & next year we'll do our best to arrange a warm dry sunny afternoon :)

on behalf of the Bec C C

PS: I cant sign off without special mention to rider No47 Dan Ellmore, who doesnt do Hill Climbs, but as a true man of his word  honoured a Gentlemans bet that he lost with yours truly earlier  & drove down from Lincoln today to enjoy the pleasures of riding!!  Well done mate & thanks for coming

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