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Bec Road Race - 8th May 2022!

27th March 2022

Bec Road Race - 8th May 2022!

Bec RR - 8th May 2022!

After a two year break caused by.... the pandemic, this year the race is back on - Sunday 8th May 2022. 


*** ENTRY is now open and will remain open during April 2020. 

The field will then be selected (see selection criteria below) on 30/04/22 in preparation for the race the following week. Riders will be notified and programs sent out at this time ***

This event is a 74 mile National B road race based on two loops in the Ashdown Forest (Sussex), with the HQ being based in Groombridge TN3 9QY; and has traditionally attracted the best local riders and many from further afield. This area of Ashdown forest has some fantastic cycling roads, and some fearsome climbs!

The COURSE  starts with 10 laps of the lumpy 4 mile Ladies Mile circuit. This circuit is charaterised by a long drag of a hill and sharp corners. The circuit is normal ridden like a fast crit with riders going out the back on every lap. Then it's onto the Crowborough circuit. Here the 1.3mile climb of Marsden hill always splits the field. On each of the 5 laps the race can change considerably, and by the end of the race there tends to be individual riders and small groups stretched across the road 5-8 mins apart. The finish line is off circuit on a straight 800 metre climb with great views over the forest. It's a perfect spectacle for the crowds, and a hard grueling finish for the riders. 

Selection Criteria

Entry will be through the BC on-line system, and which will be opened for entry in the next few weeks. The organiser will accept entries and confirm the field on Saturday 30/04/22. Entries will be accepted in order of rider category initially and within category according to seasonal performance. Team entries will not be accepted, which means any number of riders from a particular club will be able to enter individually. The Bec also aim to prioritise local riders, and those from clubs that promote events locally.

Historically, every E,1,2 rider that has entered in the past 15 years has been on the start list, and about half the 3rd cats as well. Also there's almost always a couple of spaces for EOL.

More details on the event HERE

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