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SCCU Good Friday

23rd April 2014

SCCU Good Friday

With slightly mixed feelings the Bec attended the SCCU Good Friday meeting, why mixed feelings? For possibly the second time in it’s history the meeting wasn’t held at it’s traditional home of Herne Hill.

The Club supported the event in three ways, the first way was a social day for some members as we’d block booked a couple of rows of seats in corner 3 for club members, partners, friends and family and enjoyed an afternoon of racing (even if a couple of the wives sloped off to Westfield after a while).

DSC_0762.jpg Club banner unfurled. 

The second way we supported the event was taken on by our Club President, who was racing. Unfortunately with a smaller track compared to Herne Hill, less riders are allowed on the track at any one time so James only had two races. The first was heat one of the Golden Wheel scratch race, which sadly didn’t go to plan with “El Presidente” finishing two laps down. 

DSC_0515.jpgWe'd like to say “El Presidente” is about to lap the field. 

The second race was the Devil where James decided to avoid the Laura Trott approach of floating at the rear of the peloton and kept himself in the front half of the bunch for most of the race with a good few laps on the front ultimately finishing seventh a result he admitted afterwards he was much happier with having ridden to a plan.

DSC_0645.jpg Leading from the front again.

The third way the Bec supports the event is by proudly sponsoring the Ron Beckett Scratch Race. Ron was a stalwart of both the Club and the Good Friday meeting and the feeling of the Club was he would have been chuffed to watch Joe Truman attack with a lap and half to go for a solo win. 

DSC_0747.jpg Truman making his wining move

Race result:

1 108 TRUMAN, Joseph ITC
2 90 ROTHERHAM, Thomas SCV
3 11 van HAAFTEN, Jason ART
4 67 KIMBLE, Charles VCL
5 51 DAVISON, Joseph PMC
6 65 JONES, Laurence PRP
7 71 LANSLEY, Matthew RRT
8 109 WARD, Adrian SCC
9 77 MELO, Rudy T5F
10 66 JONES, Nile VCM
11 45 CARTER, Ralph LDY
12 61 HAILWOOD, Harry FWC
13 102 STACE, Luke ITC
14 70 LANSLEY, Daniel RRT
15 56 FALLA, Ben GKV
16 38 BRADSHAW, Andrew VCL
17 75 McFARLAND, William ELV
18 52 DERNISHEV, Dimitri ROL
19 63 HOUSE, Tom VCL
20 54 ELDERFIELD, Andrew VRE
21 80 MOORE, George ITC

A few more photos here: 

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