2021 Bec CC Hill Climb Results
14th October 2021

2021 Bec CC Hill Climb Results

As sign-on opened for this classic hill climb, so did the skies and what was promised to be a dry sunny afternoon was far from that for the early...

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Gary Chambers - Wiler / Goselfdrive.com Wins Bec Road Race

8th May 2011

Gary Chambers - Wiler / Goselfdrive.com Wins Bec Road Race

Bec CC Road Race - Report - Sunday 8th May

Today's road race saw some epic battles on the roads of the Lingfield Circuit near Edenbridge, Kent. The winds played a big part in fracturing the race and at one point there were four different groups on the road, all chasing an early group of 8 riders. With a lap and a half to go the front group which had been working well together were joined by another small group.

More attacking followed, and on the Holyte turn Gary Chambers (Wilier Go-Selfdrive.com) managed to break clear of the front. He then rode solo for the next 10 miles battling the strong head wind to eventually finish 36secs in front of second place John Veness (Hansling Racing). Steven Allen (Team Coventry Cycle Centre) then beat the remainder of the break up Mutton Hill to finish third.


At least 46 riders completed, coming in a number of groups. Full Results. Further updates including race photos to follow (Please check back tomorrow).

With the race so broken up, providing lead car and comm cars to each group was extremely difficult. Thankfully the NEG Motorbike Marshalls were on hand to provide additional safety vehicles to the smaller group. Neutral service was in great supply with a number of riders puncturing on the rough roads through Marsh Green, and the club wishes to apologise to anyone that couldn't get a spare wheel in time to get back in the race.

Please don't forget to enter the best event of the season - The Bec Hill Climb - Sunday 9th October 2011









Podium Shot - (From left) Steven Allen, Gary Chambers, John Veness












Riders contemplate the race, before leaving the town.



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