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Club Time Trial Placings + Anniversary 10

4th September 2010

Club Time Trial Placings + Anniversary 10
This morning 9 riders competed in the Club Anniversary 10 mile time trial on the traditional Horne circuit. Although it looked a little foggy to start with, I'm pleased to say the weather was good. It was great to see some old club mates, and friends riding as well. Mark was the first rider in with a winning time of 24.38. 2009 results are here.
Well done to Alastair and Angie for arranging the food and drinks afterwards. The bacon sandwiches went down particularly well, and I suspect they alone might temp riders back next year.
The club TT season is coming to end now, with only 4 of the 21 counting events still to run. The current placing are below (scroll down). If your short of a couple of points to beat your rivals make sure you enter in the last few events including the finally - The hill climb.
Final 2010 results for the Bletchingly Summer Series are also in, together with overal results for the series.

Anniversary 10 RESULTS - 4th September 2010 

1st   Mark Newton   24.38
2nd   Keith Coffey   25.20
3rd   James Hughes   25.53
4th   Shaun Kennedy   26.10
5th   Russell Beckett   27.16
6th   Garry Beckett   30.43
7th   Dave Sharmen (ex-member)   31.28
8th   Colin Pentecost (ex-member)   34.49
9th   Jim Pentecost   34.50
Handicap (Bec riders only)
1st   Russell Beckett   23.46
2nd   Mark Newton   23.53
3rd   Garry Beckett   24.43
4th   Jim Pentecost   24.50
5th   James Hughes   25.08
6th   Keith Coffey   25.20
7th   Shaun Kennedy   25.40

Overall Season Time Trial Standings

Points are awarded for club riders in each of 21 events that run throughout the season. Silverware to be presented at the end of season luncheon.
1st   Keith Coffey   126 pts
2nd   Shaun Kennedy   79 pts
3rd   James Hughes   76 pts
4th   Mark Newton   70 pts
5th   Russell Beckett   46 pts
6th   Simon Hawkesworth   33 pts
7th   Meuryn Iorwerth   29 pts
8th   Keith Butler   22 pts
9th   Rowena Hawkesworth   12 pts
10th Alastair Mitchell   7 pts
11th Garry Beckett   5 pts
12th Jim Pentecost   4 pts
1st   Keith Coffey   105 pts
2nd   Shaun Kennedy   75 pts
3rd   James Hughes   74 pts
4th   Mark Newton   73 pts
5th   Russell Beckett   49 pts
6th   Simon Hawkesworth   36 pts
7th   Meuryn Iorwerth   34 pts
8th   Keith Butler   26 pts
9th   Rowena Hawkesworth   16 pts
10th Garry Beckett   8 pts
=11th Alastair Mitchell   7 pts
=11th Jim Pentecost   7 pts

Photos from SCCU 25 TT - Sunday 5th September 2010

Photos taken by Garry Beckett, apologies to anyone he didn't get..... Well done to Ricki, and Garry (for pushing off), and Jim for team support. Good rides from Mark, Keith, Shaun, and James.

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