2019 Bec Hill Climb Results
14th October 2019

2019 Bec Hill Climb Results

The rain finally stopped in time for the 64th Bec Open Hill Climb which saw Calum Brown (B38/Cycles In Motion) take the overall win from Craig Rogers...

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Bletchingley Series Results 2009

21st July 2009

2009 Results

Event 1 - 19th May 2009

Bletchingley Summer Series Event 1 - Held on GS/334 on 19th May 2009

Scratch Results

1stBen Instone00:24:43
2ndKeith Coffey00:28:34
3rdJames Hughes00:29:24
4thShaun Kennedy00:29:59
5thSimon Hawkstone00:32:11
6thRussell Beckett00:33:28
7thRobin Johnson00:37:29

Club Handicap Results

1stRussell Beckett00:25:28
2ndSimon Hawkstone00:26:11
3rdJames Hughes00:26:54
4thKeith Coffey00:28:34
5thShaun Kennedy00:28:59
6thBen Instone
7thRobin Johnson

Event 2 - 9th June 2009

Scratch Results

1stShaun Kennedy00:26:39
2ndJake Butler00:28:13
3rdKeith Butler00:28:52
4thSimon Hawkesworth00:31:20
5thRussel Beckett00:32:11
6thDuncan Railton00:35:27

Handicap Results

1stKeith Butler00:22:52
2ndRussel Beckett00:24:11
3rdSimon Hawkesworth00:25:20
4thDuncan Railton00:25:27
5thShaun Kennedy00:25:39
Jake Butler

Event 3 - 23rd June 2009

A well-contested event on a warm still evening followed by refreshment at the Plough Inn.


1stShaun Kennedy00:28:33
2ndKeith Coffey00:28:56
3rdRussell Beckett00:31:03


1stRussell Beckett00:23:03
2ndShaun Kennedy00:27:33
3rdKeith Coffey00:28:56

Event 4 - 7th July 2009

Very wet conditions during the day had slowed down the pace this evening but fortunately no rain fell during the event to make it even worse. Keith's late start almost earned a time penalty but after buying a round in the pub this was soon forgotten!!! It was good to see Jim Pentecost out on the course - strolling!


1stKeith Coffey00:29:03
2ndShaun Kennedy00:29:45
3rdKeith Butler00:30:43
5thRobin Johnson00:37:07

Club Handicap

2ndKeith Butler00:26:43
3rdShaun Kennedy00:28:45
4thKeith Coffey00:29:03

Event 5 - 21st July 2009

Fifth and final event of the series on a warmish, dampish, darkish evening,
which didn't dampen the spirits of the riders! 21st July 2009


1) Keith Coffey 28.29
2) James Hughes 30.00
3) Keith Butler 30.21
4) Russell Beckett 31.37
5) Duncan Railton 34.56
6) Robin Johnson 36.10 (Brighton Mitre CC)


1) Russell Beckett (8 mins) 23.37
2) Duncan Railton (10 mins) 24.56
3) Keith Butler (4mins) 26.21
4) James Hughes (2mins.30) 27.30
5) Keith Coffey (Scratch) 28.29Bletchingley1_1.jpg


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