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5 Fast Rides - Not enough for team award in SCCU 25M TT

18th April 2010

5 Fast Rides - Not enough for team award in SCCU 25M TT

By Club Captain.

Despite some fast rides at this mornings Southern Counties Cycling Union 25 Mile Time Trial, the Bec riders were beaten into second place in the team awards by 34 Nomads CC (by 1 Second).

The conditions were fairly good for this time of year with hardly any wind but it was still really cold. When I pulled into the car park, the car was registering 3 degrees and I don't think it warmed up much during the event. Many of the early riders were shivering by the time they returned to the HQ although it was still great to be out in the spring sunshine.

Thankfully the G25/53 course (Broadbridge Heath HQ) was looking almost entirely free of pot holes! Personally I only saw one all ride..... 


 Keith Coffey 56:54

 A good ride from keith, made up for a disapointing hour plus ride last week. He's yet to pull out his new bike..... (NASA are apparently making some last minute adjustments) but when he does he's likely to be pushing out fast times again this season.






 Shaun Kennedy 57:15

 Shaun seems to get younger and faster every year! But apparently the old bones didn't get warmed up too well this morning. Still a fast time, and one to be proud of this time of year.






  Mark Newton 58:29

 New club mate Mark, rode well to be the third place rider in the Bec team. Perhaps he was a little tired though from an excellent 56min 25M TT yesterday on the Bentley bypass.

According to Mark, some parts of the Bentley bypass have recently been resurfaced. The tarmac is new at the moment but by the summer the H25/8 and H50/8 courses are likely to be very quick!!




 James Hughs 59:15

While I didn't go ultra quick, I felt great and the new bars and bike set up felt good..... Oh, and next time i'll remember my helmet (doh!). Finished the ride with a headache from the cold air. Still this was the first real event of the year, and at least Shaun (who started 4 minutes behind) didn't catch me.






 Simon Hawksworth 1:00:00

 Despite knocking off over 2 minutes from his PB, Simon wasn't happy to miss out on a sub hour ride. But It should be mentioned that Simon didn't ride in club kit, and as we all know a brand new jersey will take many seconds off your time!

 I'm pleased to say Simon is now fully kitted out, and poised for a strong season of both TT's and road races'.

 Also, well done to Simon for collecting his first BC points a couple of weeks ago with a brave ride at the SERRL Biddenden event.


Also, well done to Keith Butler (pusher off), Peter Hammond (Marshall), and Tamar (Bec 2nd Claim, Marshall) for assisting the organiser with their help. Personally I always love to see team mates out on the course, it's great for moral and essential to assist the promotor.

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