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2023 Bec Road Race Summary

7th May 2023

2023 Bec Road Race Summary

Congratulations to Alex Richardson (Saint Piran) who stormed to victory in the 2023 edition of the Bec CC Road Race. Alex rode patiently on the Ladies Mile circuit before bridging across from the peloton to a chasing group as the riders took on the first lap of the Crowborough circuit, then continued straight on towards the front group before easing away on the last couple of laps to finish comfortably clear of the others

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How it Happened

The race covers around 72 miles of lumpy and often quite bumpy East Sussex roads, with the riders completing 10 laps of the Ladies Mile circuit before transitioning to the much tougher Crowborough circuit for five laps. Riders were alerted to the large number of large potholes on the course during the briefing and thankfully all riders got round safely.

Riders were led through the neutralised zone at around 11:00 and onto the first lap of the day. A group of four riders including Joe Hill (Embark Spirit BSS), Sebastian Garry (Kalas Motip Race Team), Michael Weavers (Lewes Wanderers CC) and Dylan Humber-Kelly (Private) formed an early break on the second lap of Ladies Mile and built up a lead of around 50 seconds by the third lap, but this was quickly shut down by the main group with all riders back together by the fifth lap.

The high pace on these early laps told as riders started to gradually drop off the back by lap six, with this attrition claiming a few more riders with each lap and whittling down the original 60-plus starters.

By lap seven there was a new break of five riders comprising Josh Housley (Derby CC Webuycycle Huub RT), Joshua Avery (Ride Revolution Coaching), George Peden (Team PB Performance), Danylo Riwnyj (trainSharp Elite), and Jack Crook (Richardsons Trek DAS), closely followed by a group of four chasers for a couple of laps as a gap back to the peloton began to solidify.

A high pace and good cooperation in the front and chasing groups on the Ladies Mile circuit was evident as the peloton slipped further behind while Sebastian Garry, Cai Davies (Kalas Motip Race Team), Nicholas Tyrie (Primera-TeamJobs), and Dylan Humber-Kelly made contact with the leaders to form a group of nine with a gap of 1:30 to another four chasers and 2:30 back to the ever-thinning peloton by the time riders completed the final Ladies Mile circuit.

Somewhat predictably, the first ascent of the 2.3 km climb up Marden's Hill and St John's Road leading into Crowborough created chaos throughout the race as the irregular gradient of the climb took its toll, especially for those who overcooked it on the Ladies Mile circuit laps. Despite the gap of nearly three minutes, two groups of four then two riders left the peloton in the hope of reeling in the break of nine riders, with one of those six being Alex Richardson.


After around two and a half hours of hard racing and the lead group of nine becoming seven, the chasing groups were making steady progress to reduce the deficit as it became clear the race was far from over as riders tackled the third Crowborough lap. It was around this point in the race that Alex Richardson really put the hammer down to join the front group before quickly setting off out front on his own on the penultimate lap, with no other riders able to stick with him, leaving him free to cross the finish line with arms aloft.

In a sprint finish for second, Nicholas Tyrie edged out Sebastian Garry, followed by Dylan Humber-Kelly in fourth.

The remainder of the prize-winning places were rounded out by Josh Housley, Jack Crook, Danylo Riwnyj and Harry Macfarlane (TAAP Endura).


Thanks to all riders for an excellent effort and taking care on the somewhat difficult surface. A lot of effort goes in behind the scenes to organise and run these events, so it was great to see a packed start line and plenty of aggressive racing throughout.

Thanks also to all marshals, commissaires, the medical team (who fortunately had a quiet day), and helpers from Bec CC.

We hope to see another great event next year!


Dave Hayward once again did a fantastic job of capturing the action on the course and all photos are available for free download on his website: https://www.davehaywardphotos....

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Bec CC Road Race 2023

Pos Bib No. Time Name Club / Team Name Cat.
1 48 2:49:33 Alexandar Richardson Saint Piran Elite
2 36 @0:55 Nicholas Tyrie Primera-TeamJobs 1st
3 25 0:55 Sebastian Garry Kalas Motip Race Team Elite
4 67 1:00 Dylan Humber-Kelly Private 1st
5 7 1:00 Josh Housley Derby CC Webuycycle Huub RT 1st
6 70 1:11 Jack Crook Richardsons Trek DAS Elite
7 60 1:16 Danylo Riwnyj trainSharp Elite 2nd
8 50 1:27 Harry Macfarlane TAAP Endura 1st
9 14 3:58 Tobias Dahlhaus Foran CCC 1st
10 49 4:10 Chris McNamara Sigma Sports - Cannondale RT 1st
11 52 S.T. Ally Speirs TAAP Endura 2nd
12 51 S.T. James Nicholson TAAP Endura 2nd
13 37 S.T. Isaac Wright Project 51 1st
14 69 S.T. Archie Cross Velo Schils Interbike Cycle Team 1st
15 26 S.T. Cai Davies Kalas Motip Race Team 1st
16 24 S.T. Charlie Lewis Follows Islington Cycling Club 2nd
17 30 S.T. Michael Weavers Lewes Wanderers CC 2nd
18 15 S.T. Stephen Maxwell Foran CCC 1st
19 61 S.T. Casper Brazier TRASH MILE 1st
20 57 S.T. Deetray Jarrett trainSharp Development Team 2nd
21 21 S.T. James Boyman Hoops Velo 1st
22 41 6:18 Conor McGoldrick Richardsons Trek DAS Elite
23 23 8:52 Jody Paxman Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
24 65 9:57 Matthew Clayton 2nd
25 3 S.T. Piers Higginson Backstedt Bike Performance JRT 3rd
26 2 S.T. Colin Peck Athlon CC 2nd
27 40 S.T. James Jenkins Richardsons Trek DAS Elite
28 42 S.T. William Scott Richardsons Trek DAS 1st
29 62 10:07 George Hale VØRANJE 2nd
30 22 10:17 Benjamin May Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
31 12 10:46 Joe Hill Embark Spirit BSS 1st
32 45 S.T. Clay Davies Ride Revolution Coaching Elite
33 59 12:44 Timothy Torrie trainSharp Elite 1st
34 38 13:24 Adam Cotterell Project 51 2nd
35 46 13:58 Joshua Avery Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
36 11 21:02 Ben Flatau Elitecycling Development Team 2nd
37 17 Lap Down Joseph Murray Foran CCC 2nd
38 58 Lap Down Torin Henderson trainSharp Development Team 3rd
39 18 Lap Down Cillian Murphy Galway Bay Cycling Club 1st
40 33 Lap Down Victor Pettersson London Dynamo 3rd
41 34 Lap Down Benjamin Neal LVC Racing 3rd
42 1 DNF Tyler Lemmon ASSOS UK Racing Team 3rd
43 5 DNF Yani Angelo Djelil CT Luc Wallays – jonge renners Roeselare 2nd
44 6 DNF Morris Bacon DAP Cycling Club 1st
45 8 DNF Charles Gaimster Dulwich Paragon CC 3rd
46 9 DNF Ben Moody Elitecycling 3rd
47 10 DNF Patrick Torrison Elitecycling 3rd
48 13 DNF Morgan West Folkestone Velo Club 2nd
49 27 DNF Harry Green Kalas Motip Race Team 1st
50 28 DNF Harvey Lawson Kalas Motip Race Team 2nd
51 29 DNF Matthew Webber LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 3rd
52 31 DNF James Knighton London Dynamo 3rd
53 32 DNF Sam Llewellyn-Jones London Dynamo 3rd
54 47 DNF Matt Bailey Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
55 53 DNF George Peden Team PB Performance Elite
56 54 DNF Alec Briggs TEKKERZ CC 1st
57 55 DNF Olivier Mangham TEKKERZ CC 2nd
58 56 DNF Benjamin Tuchner TEKKERZ CC 2nd
59 63 DNF Will Auty 1st
60 64 DNF Alexander Carley 2nd
61 68 DNF Daniel Shoobridge Kalas Motip Race Team Elite
62 4 DNS Aidan Kerrigan Black Cyclists Network 3rd
63 16 DNS Ian Middleton Foran CCC 2nd
64 19 DNS Peter Hargreaves GFTL 2nd
65 20 DNS Edmund Slater GFTL 2nd
66 35 DNS Joe Staunton Primera-TeamJobs 1st
67 39 DNS Finn Dunton Project 51 2nd
68 43 DNS Rhys Howells Richardsons Trek DAS 2nd
69 44 DNS Callum Riley Richardsons Trek DAS 2nd
70 66 DNS Luca Unwin 2nd

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