2021 Bec CC Hill Climb Results
14th October 2021

2021 Bec CC Hill Climb Results

As sign-on opened for this classic hill climb, so did the skies and what was promised to be a dry sunny afternoon was far from that for the early...

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Road Race 2015

8th May 2015

Road Race 2015

By James (Event Organiser)

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to the Bec 2015 Open Road Race

Over the past couple of years we've been working on the course and format of the race, using different circuits primes and distances to create something fun and challenging. Last year was nearly right, but I think this year the scene is set for the perfect race. There no denying the roads in the Ashdown forest are perfect for bike racing. The surfaces are generally good, traffic light and there's lots of hills. 

The course starts from Groombridge (Village Hall, Groombridge TN3 9QY), and heads directly onto the Ladies Mile Circuit. This tight 4mile loop has a long drag of a hill, and three tight corners. After 10 laps there's a right turn and we continue up into the forest before swinging off up towards Crowborough. The Crowborough circuit features the climb of Marden's Hill, which is 1.4 mile long  and starts at 12% then averages out to 6%. We will loop round this second section 5 times before heading for the finish. 

The course is perfect for spectators, who can see the race every 10 minutes on the Ladies Mile and every 15 minutes on the Crowborough Circuit.

Downloads - 2015 Program  - 2015 Route Card  - Rider List 


1st 100 + Bill Prothero Trophy for one year, + 2 Tickets to Bec Luncheon peter_signing_on

2nd - 70, 3rd - 50,

4th - 40, 5th - 30, 

6th - 25, 7th - 20, 

8th - 15, 9th - 10, 

10th - 5

The race is a National B event - BC Points down to 20th place.

Race Officials

Event Organiser: Mr J. Hughes james@beccyclingclub.co.uk

Chief Commissaire: Scott Taylor

Ass Commissaire: Dave Evans / Ian Terry

Chief Judge: Dominic Hill

Ass Judge: James Hughes

Motorbike Marshals: National Escort Group

Marshals & Drivers: Members of the Bec CC

Photos from 2014 Event






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