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Rory Townsend - Wiv Sungod Wins 2022 Bec Road Race

8th May 2022

Bec RR - Results

Congratulations to Rory Townsend (Wiv Sungod) who won todays Bec road race in convincing style. Having remained at the front throughout, everytime he went up the Marsden Hill climb he found himself in an ever smaller group. Eventually finishing 3mins 43 ahead of second placed riders James Boyman (Hoops Velo). Over a minute further behind Oliver Hurdle (Stolen Goat Race Team) finished third.

In fact other than a group of around eight riders finishing 6mins 26 down most of the field was broken apart by the demanding course. Which led to some exciting racing throughout.

This years event runs at a significant financial loss to the club. But we're pleased to say we're still committed to running exciting racing and really we're just glad to be back promoting within the sport we all love. With a bit of luck next years numbers will be back to normal, when we hope to see you all again.

Many thanks to Dave Hayward who once again did a great job at capturing the action. Please download your favorite photo to help support our sport.

Place Rider No Club / Team Cat Finish Time
1 42 Rory Townsend Wiv Sungod Elite 02:56:58
2 2 James Boyman Hoops Velo 1st +3:43
3 15 Oliver Hurdle StolenGoat Race Team 2nd +4:52
4 31 Mark Richards DAP Cycling Club 1st +6:05
5 14 Dylan Humber-Kelly JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 2nd +6:26
6 3 Casper Brazier TRASH MILE 2nd
7 9 Benjamin Fish TAAP Cervelo
8 7 Tobias Dahlhaus Foran CCC 1st
9 44 Michael Cunliffe Paceline RT 2nd
10 26 Jody Paxman Team LDN - Brother UK 2nd
11 27 Colin Peck Athlon CC 3rd +6:32
12 4 Adam Cotterell Project 51 2nd
13 32 Danylo Riwnyj trainSharp Elite 2nd
14 46 Tom Wiley Brother LDN 2nd +6:39
15 21 Stephen Maxwell Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
16 37 Richard Todd Le Col 2nd
17 41 Jack Wyllie TAAP Cervelo 2nd +6:43
18 24 Joseph Murray Foran CCC 3rd +7:06
19 8 Matthew Downie TAAP Cervelo 1st +7:48
20 38 Ian Vagg Project 51 2nd +8:55
21 40 Isaac Wright Project 51 2nd
22 43 Colin Mould Foran CCC 2nd +11:05
23 30 Thomas Quaid Foran CCC 2nd
24 39 Michael Weavers Project 51 2nd +11:06
25 13 Ross Holland Saint Piran 1st
26 33 Dominic Schils Velo Schils - Interbike RT Elite +11:14
27 10 Haben Gebrehiwet Tottenham CC 2nd +11:32
28 20 Harley Matthews DAP Cycling Club 1st +11:41
29 49 Alex Cross Velo Schils 2nd +11:43
30 52 James Somerfield Trash Mile 2nd +12:11
31 47 Len Delicaet VC Londres 2V + 1 Lap
DNF 1 Morris Bacon DAP Cycling Club Elite
DNF 5 Jake Crossley Saint Piran 1st
DNF 6 Joshua Crow-Stewart Arctic Aircon RT 3rd
DNF 12 Torin Henderson trainSharp Development Team 2nd
DNF 17 Joe Kerner trainSharp Development Team 3rd
DNF 19 Harry Macfarlane GFTL 2nd
DNF 22 Benjamin May Team LDN - Brother UK 2nd
DNF 23 Daniel Mcquillan 3rd
DNF 25 James Nicholson TAAP Cervelo 2nd
DNF 28 Oscar Pratt Saint Piran Development 2nd
DNF 34 George Skinner Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
DNF 35 Chris Stanton Maison du Velo In-Gear 3rd
DNF 36 Joe Staunton Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 1st
DNF 45 Arthur Tye Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
DNF 48 Piers Higginson VC Londres 3rd
DNF 50 Tim Allen Team LDN - Brother UK 2nd
DNF 51 Jacob Jamel Trainsharp 2nd
DNS 11 Stefan Gloyn Army Cycling Union 2nd
DNS 16 Ed Jamieson BPC Race Team 2nd
DNS 18 Michael Koreneff Switch Racing 2nd
DNS 29 Jamie Pullen TAAP Cervelo 2nd


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