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Bec Road Race 2017 - Rider / Reserve List

30th April 2017

Bec Road Race 2017 - Rider / Reserve List

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This years road race looks like being an epic race. Over the past couple of weeks i've been struggling to deal with all the entries, 142 in total. With a field size of 80 it's made for some difficult decisions. After discussion with the club we decided to put in the following selection criteria for this years event.

(Selection Criteria)

1. All Elite and 1st Cat riders have been selected.

2. Some 2nd Cat riders where they are part of a team that include Elites / 1st.

3. 2nd Cats from Local teams.

Unfortunately due to the numbers this year we've been unable to select any 3rd cats.

The final list of riders has now been created. However from previous experience I know a number of riders will not be able to ride. Injuries, sickness and family problems always cause a few to pull out in the week and days before the event. I'd ask anyone that's unable to ride to please drop me a line so that we can get another rider in. We currently have 28 riders on the reserve list (printed below). 

Reserve List

The reserve list contains all those riders that haven't already got a guaranteed place and requested to go on reserve list when they entered. To be completely fair it's simply ordered in date entered (ie first come first served basis). If riders notify me before the date that they can't ride, i'll simply update this list and accept the next rider down. This list will also run on the day with the same order, as riders not signed on by 10:40 will have their place given to a reserve rider (ie the next one on the list that's waiting at the signing on desk).

Over the past 10 years that i've been running the race we've probably averaged about 10% of the field that either drop out in the week before or can't make the race on the day so it's not unusual to get at additional 8 - 10 riders into the field on the day. 

If you wish to withdraw from the reserve list, please also let me know. 

Confirmed Withdrawals - Rider number13 is the only confirmed withdrawal at the moment. 

Updated : Saturday 6th May.

Event Organiser : Mr J Hughes :

81 Warren Jesse 2nd Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 04/01/2017 Accepted
82 Joshua Roberts 2nd Cycle Team OnForm 12/01/2017 Reserve
83 Andrew Carter 2nd 02/02/2017 Reserve
84 Richard Cartland 2nd Boardman 04/03/2017 Reserve
85 Joseph Clark 2nd I-Team Cyclists' Club 08/03/2017 Reserve
86 Harry Ribbons 2nd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 14/03/2017 Reserve
87 Paul Newsome 2nd Team ASL 16/03/2017 Reserve
88 Peter Morris 2nd Team ASL 16/03/2017 Reserve
89 Jed Williamson 2nd Team ASL 16/03/2017 Reserve
90 Tom Sefton 2nd Team Vision Innovative Leisure 19/03/2017 Reserve
91 Frazier Carr 2nd Team Vision Innovative Leisure 26/03/2017 Reserve
92 Tyler Lemmon 2nd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 28/03/2017 Reserve
93 Oliver Cliff 2nd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 28/03/2017 Reserve
94 Albert Ellison 2nd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 28/03/2017 Reserve
95 Ian Vagg 2nd 4T+ Velo Club 02/04/2017 Reserve
96 Tom Wiley 2nd Rapha Cycling Club 06/04/2017 Reserve
97 Thomas Key 2nd Primera-TeamJobs 09/04/2017 Reserve
98 Matthias Barnet 2nd Cycle Team OnForm 10/04/2017 Reserve
99 Dante Carpenter 2nd Hosté TAAP Storck 11/04/2017 Reserve
100 Adam Cotterell 2nd G.S.GREENWICH 18/04/2017 Reserve
101 Callum Clark 2nd trainSharp Club 18/04/2017 Reserve
102 Joseph Clark 2nd I-Team Cyclists' Club 21/04/2017 Reserve
103 Ben Lockett 2nd Saint Piran 21/04/2017 Reserve
104 Andrew Bonsall 3rd WyndyMilla 22/04/2017 Reserve
105 Timothy Allen 2nd Team Vision Innovative Leisure 23/04/2017 Reserve
106 Edmund Bishop 2nd VC Meudon 23/04/2017 Reserve


Refunds will be provided to all reserve list riders that have paid, and don't get a ride. Unfortunately we can't now refund accepted riders as the start sheets / rider lists have been produced and we have to pay fees on your entry. 

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