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Bec Hill Climb Fund Raising

2nd June 2015

Bec Hill Climb Fund Raising

As you may have already seen in the press we have had to launch an Indiegogo campaign for this years Hill Climb.  As Garry explains:

The Bec C.C (founded 1924) has since 1956 been the Organisers of a Hill Climb event for the benefit of the Cycling Community to compete in & to enjoy spectating..

The event has grown over the years to be amongst the top events of its kind on the British Racing Calendar, and the Bec CC are very proud of its achievements so far from within our small Club membership..

For the earlier years of the Races development, it has relied on entry fees, income from ‘cups of tea and cakes’ and private donations for its financing. And with the Bec CC funds underwriting shortfalls in leaner years…

In 2005 the events Founder Ron Beckett, passed away and although he was adamant the Bec CC should not ever consider holding a ‘memorial’ event in any shape or form, there was a general consensus that by making ‘His’ event into a ‘memorable’ event, his legacy could be enhanced without contravening the old boys wishes! ☺

And so in 2005, we set about bringing new ideas, enhanced awards, and by trying to bring more of a ‘spectacle’ to the fans in the way we delivered the event.

Since the ‘raising of the bar’, we have, we feel been pretty successful in our aims to present a ‘memorable’ event.. Much of the financial investment ‘behind the scenes’ of enhancing the Race has been borne privately by the founders family, and more so in latter years further sponsorship mostly from within the cycling industry generously supporting the Awards list. This in itself has been a great help in keeping the events costs more manageable, and has been very much appreciated by the Bec CC. (and award winners ☺)

But, as you will read further on in this plea, we have found ourselves being forced to seek extra financial support to continue the events existence. We at the Bec CC are not entirely comfortable with going outside our membership & close Sponsors to seek help, it is not something that we would normally consider, but certainly for this year at least, any financial help would go a long way to keeping this historic event on the Calendar..

The primary reason we have considered looking for further support outside of more ‘conventional’ Sponsors who have supported the event in previous years, is that ironically the success of Cycling within the Borders of the County of Surrey, has brought attention of our event of Surrey County Councils ‘Events Committee’.

The Events Committee, will now be responsible for issuing a ‘Closed Road Order’ under a different Highways act Regulation from which the event previously enjoyed….

Please consider donating and the campaign page is here.

(Photo credit is Dave Hayward)

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