Roller Racing Event
15th March 2018

Roller Racing Event

Roller Racing Event (15th March 2018) news articleMarch 2018 Roller Racing Event – a great way to put your legs to the test after those winter...

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SCCU 50 Results - New Club Record

27th June 2010

SCCU 50 Results - New Club Record

Report by Club President

The racing is in full swing, and the differences between our riders are less than ever before, and competition between members to be part of a Team Win, is tighter than it’s been for a long time.  

All of this pushes our results forward, and on Sunday, in the SCCU Open 50m TT (and club 50m championship) our four riders in the event were placed 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th.  With that we won the team prize but we also knocked 4 minutes & 2 seconds off the old club record (set just last year).  Our times were:- Keith C (1:50:55), Shaun (1:52:25), James (1:52:41) and Mark (1:54:09) and to further indicate the quality of our team, if you removed my time from that line-up, Shaun, James & Mark’s combined times would still have been a new club record.  Needless to say, Mark was a bit disappointed to be knocked into 4th man in the team, but we were all impressed with James’ ride, where he took 2 or 3 minutes off his old PB. 

Last year’s team 50m TT record was 5:40:03 – set by Keith C (1:50:40), Shaun (1:51:46) & Keith B (1:57:37).

Our new team 50m TT record is now 5:36:01 – set by Keith C (1:50:55), Shaun (1:52:25) & James (1:52:41).

And I should also mention that in the Horsham Cycling 10m TT promotion on Saturday, myself & Mark were placed 1st & 2nd on the results, but we didn’t have a 3rd man for the team, so come on riders, get out there !!!

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